Zoey Pepper and Damon Davies have joined from opposite ends of the music sphere to create a kind of music that traverses genres, reaching out to audiences and transporting them beyond the the style map. At a glance, it’s folked-up fusion of a blues man’s groove with a classical-pop chameleon’s grace. Stay a little longer and you’re taken into their stories, to be caressed by lyrical whimsy, surprised by poetic honesty and rocked by various lilting rhythms.

After Damon’s break from the industry and Zoey’s chameleonic musical existence, the pair have found a new sense of magic and belonging in their musical union. Damon’s finger-picking blues guitar and warm vocals have evolved into an exploration of groove and harmony that entwines with the nuanced and evocative qualities of Zoey’s voice and bassoon, combined to cover a 5 octave range.

Created in the heart of Tilba beneath Gulaga mountain, new songs typically take shape around the dining table, where simple joys are shared, ups and downs are unpacked and heartstrings are strummed. A new cover is chosen for its ability to echo the Pepper & Davies sentiments.

Pepper & Davies seek to navigate the modern landscape and explore the intricacies of love through their songs, which are both catchy and complex, in turn finding common ground with audiences of varied musical experience.

2024 marks Pepper & Davies’ festival debut, starting with the Cobargo Folk Festival in March. For Damon, a seasoned festival player, it’s a return to familiar territory in a new incarnation, whereas for Zoey, at one with concert halls and stages, it brings exciting new possibilities. The duo have also begun to work in an expanded form with other experienced and well known musicians from Country to Jazz. A first album is also in the pipeline!