Welcome to Pepper & Davies Music

Contemporary Folk duo Pepper & Davies invites audiences on an intimate journey through tales of sweet gritty love and finding joy and belonging within the modern landscape.

“With our original songs and thoughtfully chosen covers we create a suitcase of rich stories, emotive vocals, haunting woodwind and dancing guitars, infused with the occasional curious lilt and harmonic spice.

Here groove and grace find unexpected common ground.”

Questions we’re often asked…

Why the Pepper and Davies duo?

Despite our vastly different musical backgrounds, the duo was an inevitable outcome of coming together as partners, and indeed both partnerships nurture each other. Somehow it works! There’s a certain kind of magic for us on this new path of music making that we can’t resist.

With Damon as a blues-man and Zoey a classical-pop chameleon, where’s the musical meeting-ground?

Before we began exploring our musical possibilities in our own new songs, our meeting-ground was definitely Joni Mitchell, and indeed we keep coming back to her time and time again, to the point where we’re building a stand-alone show of her music. Her open-tunings, imaginative chords and strumming patterns appeal to Damon as much as her leaping and lilting melodies and poetically honest lyricism inspire Zoey.

Why a bassoon in the mix?

Zoey, as both singer and instrumentalist, has always loved to draw upon the haunting vocal qualities of the bassoon, and in doing so create a vocal range that spans across both her expressive voice and her sonorous bassoon. The bassoon’s woodsy sounds, sometimes sweetly mellow, at other times richly reedy, have the ability to weave around and uniquely compliment Damon’s varied guitar lines and grooves, taking it out of the orchestral box and into the folk realm.

What’s your favourite kind of performance setting?

Ideally our favourite setting is the kind where we can connect with the hearts and imaginations of a listening audience. The stories we tell and the rich musical textures that surround them are both accessible and complex – we seek to share all of that.

You offer house concerts - what does that involve?

This is all about music at your place – usually to celebrate a special occasion or event. Firstly we come to you and assess the area we have to work with plus discuss the flavour of music you’re after to create the personal musical experience you want. 

Does the duo work with other musicians?

Our songs and arrangements have originally been conceived for the duo, and are mostly performed as such. But when an occasion has called for a bigger sound, we have been delighted to collaborate with some amazing fellow musicians on bass, keys and drums. We’re also excited to explore the use of these additional textures when we come to record.

What people think…

Pepper & Davies played a show recently at the River Rock that was hands-down the most interesting musical experience we have had here. I was struck by the inventive and contemporary sound of their original folk songs, as well as the variety of their material. Very much looking forward to having them back!

Jacqui Howarth

River Rock Cafe, Bermagui NSW

After experiencing Zoey Pepper’s sell-out “Oom Pah Pah” show as part of the Great Southern Nights Program- one of the best shows we have ever had at Navigate Arts- we are very much looking forward to the concert experience that is Pepper & Davies this year!

Louise Morris

Navigate Arts, Tanja NSW

Pepper & Davies have quickly become one of our most loved and followed acts by audiences here at Tathra Hotel. They capture people with their honesty, humour and passion, with exceptional musicianship and songwriting to go with it. They even wrote a song, now regularly featured in performances, for my partner Jo for her 83rd birthday.

Noel O'Reilly

Tathra Hotel, NSW

Pepper and Davies are now promoting home concerts, which I believe is a fantastic idea. I’ve spoken to both Damon and Zoey about creating an appropriate music experience for a small group of friends at my home. The way they’ve handled things so far has been totally professional and very inspiring.


Central Tilba, NSW